Client gifts that WON’T break your bank!

July 20, 2021

Giving gifts to your clients is not about spending money on them, it doesn’t really matter how expensive the things are. It is about forming a relationship with your clients which builds up trust and sympathy. And that ultimately leads to better, more authentic wedding photos, happier clients and more referrals. So even a small investment and a little suprise can go a long way!

Once we started incorporating client gifts, our referrals went through the roof. It seriously can make the difference between happy clients and raving clients.

A few weeks ago, we asked the community about what they gift their clients and compiled a list of ideas for you. But before we get to that, we want to present you a unique gift that almost nobody knows and uses which might leave an even longer lasting impression and that is:

A custom Instagram Story Filter

If your clients love Instagram, you could consider gifting them a filter their guests can use on their special day! It can look something like this for example:

You send them a link or QR code which will redirect everyone using it directly to the filter that is ready to use. Here is how it works: you pick a style, send us the information, we create the filter for you and send you a link. The process will take around 3-4 days. If your clients have a logo for their wedding day, we can even include that in the filter!

The filter will cost you 28$ (Excl. VAT). And you can find it here:

Polaroid photos

This one is huge and we do it all the time. It also is very affordable! Sure, you gotta buy a Polaroid camera but that is just a one time investment and the film is very cheap if you don’t take hundreds of photos.

Snap some Polaroids either during their engagement session or during their wedding. Once they sit down to eat (if you are at a wedding) present them the photos so they have something to look at while eating. We guarantee you they’ll absolutely LOVE it!

We would recommend this polaroid camera as it is easy to use and very affordable. You can buy the film here. Or get a full pack that lasts you a long time including films and a camera.

Framed picture of their wedding

This doesn’t need much explanation. Everyone loves to have a framed picture of their big day!

It doesn’t have to be a framed picture, you can also gift fine art prints, a canvas, steel print, whatever your couple might like.

Make a special playlist and bring some Starbs

Not every gift has to cost something. If you can, stalk your couples spotify or ask them what music tey like and create a custom playlist for their shooting. Little gestures go a long way. Oh and if you want to include something materialistic, maybe bring some starbucks to the shoot ;).

Wedding Guide

This is the most obvious of the list. Many photogs send out a wedding guide that helps with planning, tips for the photos and so on… This is something you get done once and can gift over and over. There is only one problem: Creating a good wedding Guide takes a ton of time (We are working on a template for you right now, register for our newsletter to get notified when it becomes available)

Custom engraved USB

Instead of delivering your photos only in an online gallers, you might want to gift your clients a custom engraved usb stick. Every time they get to look at their photos, they’ll think about your gift!

If you want to take it up a notch, you can deliver the stick and a few photos in a beautiful engraved wooden box.

Custom vow books

If your clients exchange wedding vows, you may wanna gift them custom wedding vow books.

Personalized gifts

We love gifting something personal and the easiest way to do that is either a giftcard for their favorite restaurant or getting something that has their names and date printed onto it. Here are a few things we like:

Personalized mugs

Cutting board

Fridge magnets (maybe even with a photo of them)

A notebook with the family name

Painting of a photo of them


If you think about it, there are so many ways to make your clients extra happy. Even if you don’t wanna sepnd much, at least send out a thank you note. Often times it is not about what you gift but that you gift something. This will definitely increase your referrals, so a small investment will have a big impact!

Is there anything we should add to the list? What do you gift to your clients? Let us know in the comments 🙂






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