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bitesandtickles team member Maja wedding videographer


videographer, co founder, writer, product tester

Maja co-founded the bitesandtickles community. She writes some of our blogs, helps with content and product ideas, proof-reads and is testing all products. She organizes everything (Alex is horrible at this) and gives the best valuable feedback and critizism you could ever wish for.

Without Maja, Alex would just sink in frustration.

She loves dogs, travelling, coffee, has a passion for sustainability and is a caring plant mom.

Wedding photography mentor and educator


Founder, Photographer, Product/Website developer, Account Manager of @bitesandtickles, customer support

As you see above, Alex loves his community so much, he tries to do everything. Even the support messages you recieve is all Alex. We want to maintain the connection with you in every way, so we try not to hire anyone else to do things that involve people.

Alex develops most of the products, goes through ALL tagged posts on Insta every day and hand picks his favorites. He makes the stories, manages the website, creates youtube content and tries to learn something new everyday that would benifit every photography business.

He founded the community on the belief that helping others grow is 10x more fulfilling than growing yourself. As it turned out, that is more than correct.

He loves Adventures, Business (he talks about it 24/7), coffee, creating content, learning something new and having deep conversations with friends and strangers.

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We love travelling and meeting new people along the way!

You find our travel dates below. If you are based in one of these areas and want to hang out, do a styled shoot or got recommendations (places, styled shoots we can attend etc.) PLEASE reach out to us! We are excited to get to know you :)

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sept. 11 - sept. 22

Chilling in hurghada

To be announced


Madrid, barcelona, north

To be announced


Faro, porto, lisbon

To be announced


Java, Bali, Gilli islands


To be announced


Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Samui, Koh Lanta, Chiang Mai