An intimate cozy afternoon – by Kristelle Boulos

October 8, 2021

“From a very young age, I was always fascinated with memories and how ephemeral they are. Some may stick around, some may not.

Forgetting beautiful and specific details of my life is one of my deepest fears. When you think of your oldest memories, a lot of them are actually linked to photographs you’ve looked at. Photos are more than 2D images. They can take you back to a specific place, time and feeling. I started out hoarding memories for myself, and now I am so happy to be a photographer for others and help them create their own ‘memory capsules’.”

They said they wanted an “intimate-type shoot/non-posed/daily things/whatever that’s called”, so here it is: Elaine and Ernesto’s intimate-type shoot, non-posed, daily things, whatever-that’s-called-session.

Photos by: @fromkbwithlove

Location: Miami, Fl

We love the intamicy and tones Kristelle Boulos has created here!

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