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We are on a mission to create the best presets for anyone that likes moody, brown tones.

How often have you bought a pack and it looks totally different on your files? We are here to eliminate that! Our vision is to have our preset pack calibrated for as many cameras as possible. Help us by sending in your RAWs and enter a raffle to win the preset pack!




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Drop your @ if you are fine with us showcasing before/afters of your images. We'll of course credit you! If you don't want us to use them, leave the field blank.

Please state the exact name of your camera model so we can list it correctly for others.

Please send in at least 6 RAW files and a maximum amount of 20. We don't take JPGs

Bonus points for having different light situations!

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The Giveaway

By sending in your RAWs, you'll automatically enter a raffle to win one of two preset packs! We'll also throw in a few single presets

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Submit your RAWs and enter the Giveaway