Thank you – coffee collection

Thank you for buying the coffee collection presets! Click the button below to download your presets. Use the first button “Download presets”, if it doesn’t work, use the backup.

Use #batpresets to be featured!

Make sure to watch our detailed tutorial on how to use the presets. That way, you’ll make sure to always get the desired results. Bookmark this page to acess the video later.


If you prefer to edit on an Ipad, use our Ipad Presets! Simply download and import the dngs as you would import photos. Select the photos in Lightroom and create a preset with the existing settings on the photos.


Important note: These DNG files are NOT mobile presets, they aren’t calibrated for images taken with a phone, there will be special presets for phone shots coming out.

These are for camera photos you want to edit on your Ipad.

On your bank statement you’ll see a charge from Digistore24